Multilingual early childhood education and care for young refugee children


This is the Toolbox of the Erasmus+ project Multilingual early childhood education and care for young refugee children. In this project (2016-2019) we made an inventory of the existing services, activities and programmes for young children from refugee and asylum-seeking families in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and the United Kingdom.

The project has three intellectual outputs (IO), presented here in the Toolbox:

Country reports

For each country an overview of the state of the art of services for young refugee children.

The Netherlands


United Kingdom

Quality indicators

A list of quality indicators that specify the characteristics of high-quality approaches, programmes and services for this particular target group.

Indicators of Quality of ECEC for Young Refugee Children

Training packages

A training package in the form of scenario’s involving refugee children in preschool centres. These are followed by the actual reactions of the teachers/childcare professionals/volunteers. Each scenario is accompanied by a number of reflective questions for professionals (such as: 'what is according to you the issue here?' and 'what would you do in such a situation?').


NL01 New friends at the sand table
NL02 Najwa and the suitcases

NL03 Team meeting at the Rainbow

NL04 Lola's language

NL05 Warm water bottle for the baby

BE01 Jelena's panic

BE02 Building trust for newly arrived parents with baby

BE03 Tadalesh in tears

BE04 Finger food for Wakumbu

BE05 Irfan and the family wall

UK01 Opportunities to play

UK02 A bit of a problem

UK03 Protective parents

UK04 Speechless in two languages

UK05 Step by step settling in

NO01 The father who can speak several languages

NO02 Digital resources in children's home languages

NO03 Multimodal circle time


Dutch (coming soon)

Norwegian (coming soon)